Explore the rich history, and vibrant traditional cuisines of Istanbul and Bursa. Engage in exciting sports and creative art activities. Develop your leadership potential through inspiring programs and build team spirit through collaborative games.
Make a difference and enjoy the summer camp program with deep-rooted lectures and enjoyable activities.
Why International Summer Camp?
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The primary purpose of the international summer camp is to help students be aware of their leadership skills, understand how the life-recognized features can be used every day, and their efficacy. Additionally, the camp program will equip students with knowledge and experience to guide them through life.

Structure of the Camp Program

This program encompasses four distinctive and unique clusters:

1. Islamic Values-Driven Leadership Academy: We offer an enriching curriculum designed to empower students with a profound understanding of global issues while instilling Islamic values and principles at its core. Through a series of comprehensive modules and lectures, we delve into a wide array of current and global challenges, fostering a holistic perspective that enables students to appreciate the evolution of innovation in the developing world through an Islamic lens.

  • Science and Technology 
  • Culture, Politics, and Media 
  • Business and Leadership
  • Human Rights and Law (Immigration)
  • Environment and Sustainable Future (Energy Politics)
  • Islamic Arts, Culture, and Civilization Studies

2. Nurturing Holistic Growth through Ethnosports, Turkish Art, and Permaculture Activities

Ethnosports, Turkish Art, and Permaculture Activities invite campers to explore the beauty of culture, nature, and creativity. Our program is carefully crafted to provide a content-rich curriculum, offering a diverse range of sports and artistic pursuits. We believe that this unique combination provides a fresh perspective on life, nurturing campers’ aesthetic thinking through the transformative power of both art and sports.

3. Centered on Islamic Well-Being: A Journey of Discovery, Belonging, and Spiritual Enrichment, Nurturing Spiritual Harmony and Deepening Faith.

We invite you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and a deep sense of belonging within a vibrant religious community. This unique festival is a celebration of faith, providing a platform for individuals to uncover profound meaning through their religious beliefs.

4. Unveiling Türkiye’s Glorious Past and Istanbul’s Marvels: A Journey Through Ottoman History, Culture, and Natural Beauty (Istanbul and Bursa Cultural Tours)

Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our campers embark on exhilarating excursions that delve deep into the heart of Türkiye’s magnificent history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural wonders of Istanbul and Bursa.