Our students grow up safely in a green environment. We are waiting for our students to join the camp at our Beykoz Campus, which is at the junction of history and natural beauty!

Girls’ Campus

Boys’ Campus

Sport Fields

Our aim is for our students to acquire healthy habits that will develop their self-confidence skills. Students need to obtain internal discipline, physical and mental development, and spiritual balance. There are separate swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts, and gyms on our campuses.

Dining Hall

Processed and packaged foods are avoided in our school so that students can enjoy healthy foods. Meal lists prepared under the guidance of our dietitian are created by calculating the daily calorie needs of our students. Special attention is paid to the hygiene of our dining hall and the supply of natural and healthy products. Necessary arrangements can be made for students with special nutritional needs in the dining hall, where dishes from different cultures are included in the menu from time to time.

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