1. Highly-experienced team

NÛN Schools have  experiences with different camp programs in the past. We have constantly been developing ourselves in camp organizations, education, emotional support, and day-to-day functioning. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for our campers. 

2. Safeguarding the campus and environment

Our top priority is our students’ safety. With this perspective, we adhere to our child protection and safeguarding policy, which consists of all the camp organization and operation management, recruitment processes, enrollment procedures, and school regulations. In addition, security cameras, patrolling security guards, and mass notification systems are some of the security backup alternatives.

3. 24/7 health care services

We offer sensitive and reliable health services to our students. The school campus has three infirmary locations with three nurses and a doctor. A hospital is partnered with our school, located near our campus, and offers 24/7 health care services.

4. Multicultural environment

Students exposed to an intercultural learning environment have a more holistic perspective and creative thinking skills. In this context, the international summer camp in İstanbul will allow students to better connect with the history of İstanbul and Bursa by creating lifetime friendships with students from different cultures.

We care about well-being of our participants and teachers.  

What to Expect?

  • Developing intercultural awareness 
  • Enhancing leadership capabilities 
  • Staying pro-active 
  • Obtaining new experiences and adventures and exploring new cultural cuisine 
  • Developing social responsibility & social interaction skills

Who Are We 

  1. Camp Management Team
  2. Group Leaders
  3. Mentors
  4. Campers
  5. Educators
  6. Staff

What We Offer

  • Accommodation in the school campus dormitories
  • 24/7 reliable, secured environment 
  • A Campus surrounded by nature and Bosphorus
  • Leadership lectures taught by well-experienced international and national academics
  • Intercultural environment 
  • Field observation tours within the academic plan (Leadership Modules) 
  • Sports activities    
  • Permaculture-related workshops  
  • Art-related Workshops 
  • Cultural and Historical Tours & Excursions  
  • Meals included (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, etc.)   
  • Use of campus facilities
  • Mosque 
  • Libraries, workshop areas, observatories
  • Infirmaries, dining halls, boarding houses